We are now hosting a stall at the Big Pineapple Grower’s Markets each Saturday morning!!
Meet and mingle at the Transition Town stall inside the Big Pineapple’s main building each Saturday from 6.30 am to 12.00 noon and join a table for conversations.

For more details please contact
Jeanette and John Isaacs-Young: 5442 2118 or 0438 562 118 ttnambour@yahoo.com.au ; jeanette@lifestreamassociates.com.au
From March 2012 we hope to resume meetings at the CWA Hall, Short Street, Nambour on the 4th Wednesday of every month
from 7.00 pm. The CWA hall is next to the Nambour Town Square and adjoining the IGA supermarket complex.

All are welcome to join us at Transition events!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Thursday February 9th, 6.00pm at the Big Pineapple!

 Transition Towns Nambour hosts first stop on Nicole Foss' Australian speaking tour!!

Nicole's Message: Of the three storms threatening our modern way of life – Peak Oil, Climate Change and the Economic Crisis - Nicole focuses her attention on the third less widely understood economic storm. Because, she says, the time scale with finance is so much shorter than changes in energy or climate.   In September 2008 we came within hours of the global banking system seizing up. That’s how quickly events can unfold. The situation is global and Nicole will explain why Australia is not immune.

Who is Nicole Foss: Nicole Foss is one of those all too rare big picture people who both understands and can explain the links between the many converging factors now threatening our world. She has degrees in science and has worked in nuclear safety and grid technology.  She has two law degrees, acquired she said because ‘I was interested in the codification of power hierarchies and finding out how the world really works”. Her home is a farm run on Permaculture principles outside Ottawa Canada.
According to Nicole, "we must prepare right now for the onset of a period of deflation and depression. Many people are reluctant to make preparations until they see the roof on fire, but by then it will be too late to take action".
Nicole recommends that we should endeavour to clear debt and remain financially liquid, in order to maintain freedom of action and gain some control over the essentials of our own existence: Building social capital in our own communities is urgent.There is no time to waste.The future is at our doorstep and it does not look like the past as we have known it.

Advance purchase tickets available at the Transition Nambour in the main building at the Big Pineapple Growers Markets. Every Saturday morning 6.30 am to 11.30 am:
For more information Ph: 0438562118

5.30 pm Doors open for Transition display; 6.00 pm Nicole Foss seminar start; 7.30pm Short break for light refreshments; 7.50pm Questions & Answers; 9.00pm Finish


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