We are now hosting a stall at the Big Pineapple Grower’s Markets each Saturday morning!!
Meet and mingle at the Transition Town stall inside the Big Pineapple’s main building each Saturday from 6.30 am to 12.00 noon and join a table for conversations.

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Jeanette and John Isaacs-Young: 5442 2118 or 0438 562 118 ttnambour@yahoo.com.au ; jeanette@lifestreamassociates.com.au
From March 2012 we hope to resume meetings at the CWA Hall, Short Street, Nambour on the 4th Wednesday of every month
from 7.00 pm. The CWA hall is next to the Nambour Town Square and adjoining the IGA supermarket complex.

All are welcome to join us at Transition events!

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Nicole Foss visit to the Sunshine Coast

On Thursday evening 9th February Transition Nambour special guest, Nicole Foss, gave an excellent presentation at the Big Pineapple on the Sunshine Coast Queensland.

The night was very well attended by a receptive and appreciative audience. Following her talk there was an interesting Question and Answers session.

Nicole’s message has struck a chord with many people and her visit has been a catalyst for a number of positive initiatives in the area.

Please note that Nicole's website - The Automatic Earth now has a new web address: -   http://theautomaticearth.org/

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  1. And it was also great seeing many people drop into the Transition stall at the Big Pineapple the following Saturday for a chat and to look towards getting active in Transition Towns. Nicole's firm commitment to this idea of us finding the solutions within our local communities is inspiring and, I find, uplifting. Everyday since her talk I have been taking steps, albeit baby ones, but steps in the right direction. I lent my Ghandi DVD to a neighbour and passed on to her the basic ideas which came out of Nicole's talk . I borrowed a hedge trimmer from another neighbour. We invited a neighbour's children to come with us to Kondallila Falls. I checked that my neighbours dog was O.K. when I heard it carrying on not quite as it usually does (this lead to an informative chat with them). A couple of us in the street are trying to peg down a good date to have another street party/BBQ. I encouraged another neighbour to join me at the local Yoga class. We walked there together. And just this morning another neighbour invited me for a cuppa and I checked out her chook pen and vegie garden set up. Baby steps yes, investing in the social capital of my neighbourhood definitely. My next initiative is to suggest, at our next street party, that we create our street's own notice board to promote more communication between us all. I'm hoping, among other things, that this communication board makes possible the chance of occassional carpooling within our street. Thanks to Janette, John and James for arranging Nicole's visit and further educating and inspiring me. Julie Doolan