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Meet and mingle at the Transition Town stall inside the Big Pineapple’s main building each Saturday from 6.30 am to 12.00 noon and join a table for conversations.

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From March 2012 we hope to resume meetings at the CWA Hall, Short Street, Nambour on the 4th Wednesday of every month
from 7.00 pm. The CWA hall is next to the Nambour Town Square and adjoining the IGA supermarket complex.

All are welcome to join us at Transition events!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Strength and resilience comes first and foremost at the local level.

Hi Transitoners of Nambour

The  commentators  on National and International events spend hours droning on about the  "Economy" or the "World Economy" and news programmes are crammed with financial news. News arrives so fast it can contradict itself within hours. We can only really deal with these big issues by looking at how they effect us and our neighbours first, and set our goals to be independent and resilient if dire changes occur outside of our control. We have to consider first and foremost,  the local and the achievable. Big government and big business care only for their own ( often mutual )interest and the small, local fry become unimportant except as a taxable commodity.  But we have the final advantage of being able to "think global but act local". We know that not everything in life distills itself into an economic parameter. Our evening with Robin Clayfield earlier in the year illustrated how we are all linked and interconnected even though we all have different passions and interests. The strength of this network of contacts is undefinable but broadly speaking it is summed up by the saying "united we stand, divided we fall".  Which Government can supply a community support network like this ?  

The showing of the Economics of Happiness for Transition Nambour attracted 60 people and was greatly enjoyed as its powerful and positive message was one of localisation  and involved a strong critique of the damaging, often crazy, global economy and political merry-go-round.

Strength and resilience comes first and foremost at the local level. This month we have a local ( Buderim) speaker - Mitch Laurie - who has a powerful message illustrated by an excellent powerpoint slide show. I know you will enjoy this so please make an effort to support us on this one and bring a friend or two three.Its only the usual gold coin donation so this is incredible value for an evening of mental stimulation.Mitch's take will be another interesting view on how people can deal with the world as it changes fast about us.

The knowledge that we as a Transition group gather from these talks, and even just the gathering together in a meeting to discuss the issues that are effecting us, are vitally important. Transition Network is spreading worldwide as people hold it up to be a key GRASSROOTS (PEOPLES) movement cutting through bureaucratic complacency  and empowering communities to make energy savings, to re skill through community gardens and to understand the issues more thoroughly so they can take steps. Transition shows what people can do in a group over, above and beyond the involvement of government at any level and it has more influence to change things by being a community movement. The organisations website is www.transitionnetwork.org <http://www.transitionnetwork.org>  and shows a lot of the work that is being done, and discussions that are happening, in active countries.

James MacDonald-Buchanan

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